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All our images must be of exquisite quality. We carefully go through the camera-roll to select the handful worthy of a place here. 

Meaning & Beauty

Our images need to have value.
We photograph the things we find fascinating and amazing. Things we want to share with the world.


We do our best to avoid people on our pictures. Whilst this is unavoidable in cities, we do our best to wait for the perfect moment.


Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. therefore everything on our site costs the same: 1,99 EUR


As much as we love mountains and nature, we also understand people have lots of unique needs. Therefore, we do our best to make our gallery as diverse as possible.


We trust that most people will respect the license and not claim our photos to be theirs.

Our Values

Most of our pictures are taking during the most amazing adventures. Hiking, running, sailing a boat, ..., this dog has done it all.

Rover is always there, and you might see him appear in our selection of photos from time to time.


But no matter what, this doggo will be making sure we don't miss a single picture! 

The adventures